Christian Burkhardt is a Natural Therapist, and has had a broad-based alternative medical career spanning over 20 years. He continues to devote his research and development on the direct relationship between psychological influences and physical health, proving that treating people with emotional imbalances can affect their health and energy.

He is passionate about recent advances in Neuroscience and the mind’s relevance in the treatment of physical pain. From personal experience, he understands the impact of thoughts and emotions and how they directly relate to our well-being.

In 2005, he began creating his own homeopathic remedies, that incorporate and consider the philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine, quantum physics and ancient knowledge. These remedies have helped patients with skin conditions, anxiety, stress, obesity and other emotional imbalances.

He sees the role of health-care professionals is to facilitate healing, recovery and retraining. "We are facilitators, not healers. "Of utmost importance is patient education which empowers patients to be involved in decision making and self-management.