The breakouts stopped

In the past i had always battled with my skin and I often suffered breakouts. I had tried many different brands of skincare but none of them made any difference. As soon as I started using the SOE Bioremedies range of skincare, my skin immediately seemed more calm and the breakouts stopped. During my pregnancy and after my son was born, my skin continued to look amazing, even though my hormones were up and down. All of my friends were jealous, as their skin went crazy after they had given birth!
The products smell and feel amazing to use on my skin. I love the fact that SOE Bioremedies are 'Choose Cruelty Free' accredited which is very important to me.
I recommend SOE Bioremedies products to all my friends and family and I will continue to use their beautiful products forever!

Emily Willams, SA

A skin care range that actually works

As a '40 something' female I am starting to notice changes with the skin on my face that I'm finding hard to get used to. Thankfully, I discovered your 'Universal Beauty 88 Serum' which is a marvel. When I apply it, I can feel and see my skin tighten and firm up before my eyes. I love this product, and in combination with the cleaner, toner, etc, I am very grateful I have found a skin care range that actually works, is natural and and won't break the bank. Thank you, from me and my skin for your beautiful products.

Facebook Feedback

Not a single stretchmark

I began using the SOE 'Mum to be' pregnancy balm when I was about 16 weeks pregnant. I was instantly in love with the gorgeous smell that completely resonated with me and my pregnancy. I applied the balm each morning after showering, it was a beautiful little ritual where I could connect in with my baby. I found that I had complete faith in this product from very early on and trusted that I would not get any stretch marks. My skin always felt beautifully supple and hydrated right up until my next shower. I never got itchy and always felt that as my belly grew, my skin was never tight and had more room for the baby to grow. My little man was born 2 days short of full term and not a single stretch mark! I might add that I have many stretch marks in other areas from puberty. Thank you Christian and the SOE team, next time I wear a bikini I will be very grateful to you and the truly wonderful 'Mum to be' product.

Carly Veldhuyzen, SA

My skin is back to normal

"During my pregnancy I gained 22 kg and went from 60 kg to 82 kg! Unfortunately I couldn't blame a 'large baby' as he was only 2.8 kg! I started using the SOE Bioremedies 'Pregnancy Balm' when I was 12 weeks pregnant. It smelt divine and I used it twice a day on my stomach, breasts, thighs and bottom until he was born. I didn't get one single stretch mark! I continued to use the balm for about 6 weeks after my son was born and now my skin is back to how it was before I felt pregnant. All other mums in my Mothers Group can't believe it as they had used different brands of tummy creams and still got stretch marks. Thank you so much SOE"

A happy mother

Wunderbalm - It's truly a wonder

I work outside and have found this winter has been particularly hard on my lips and hands, from the effects of the harsh wind and winter sun. My lips had become really dry and chapped and no balm or cream I used could help. My hands also developed cracks on the end of my thumbs and fingers which were very painful. Again, nothing I bought would help. Then I discovered 'Wunder-Balm' and after just one night of generously applying the balm to my lips and hands before bed I woke up the next morning with beautiful soft lips and hands. Over time the balm has helped heal the painful cracks that had developed on my thumbs and fingers. I love this balm and it smells and feels so good. I can't wait to use it on my feet and dry heels to help soften them too.
I also gave mum and dad some Wunder-Balm for Christmas and when my dad was attacked by mosquitoes he used the balm on his mozzie bites and was thrilled to find they stopped itching straight away. Is there any limit to the uses for the aptly named balm? It is truly a wonder!"

A happy customer

Wunderbalm to the rescue

'I am writing to say how amazing your Wunderbalm is. Last night I did a pretty stupid thing, when my kettle was boiling I reached right over the spout to get a tea bag and ended up with a nasty steam burn. Ouch! I would usually run it under cold water, but I reached for the Wunderbalm instead. The soothing effect was instant and, after a few more applications last night, when I woke up this morning there was only a very small red dot, you couldn't even tell I had been burnt. Amazing! there anything this balm can't fix!!! I have used it on sunburn, mosquito bites, hives and now a burn. Wunderbalm is seriously the super hero of skin creams. Thank you for creating such an amazing and useful product.

Sam C., SA

Anti Ageing - Just the way I like it

Christian, thank you so so much for your beautiful Anti-Ageing products (Universal Beauty 88).
Feedback so far: LOVE the cleanser, it leaves a very cooling feel, also leaves my skin firm but not tight. Toner: does not leave skin dry. Moisturiser: thick but light and not greasy. Just the way I like it. It’s only been a few days and so far all good. I just wanted say THANK YOU for your amazing products.

Debbie Davis, Brisbane