Rex | Separation Anxiety

Thank you Christian. I have been really pleased with your 'Emergency' and 'Balance' drops for Rex with Separation Anxiety (it is a part of his regular regime now). Thank you also for your 'Choose Cruelty Free' status, that is important to many of us. Sincerely

Anthea M.

Yoshi | 20 months old male

Yoshi has only been with his guardian, Julie, for 2 months. In his short life, (he's 20 months old), he has had very little socialisation and very negative experiences, particularly with men. This has led to him being quite anxious in certain situations. Julie is working with a force free trainer on a one-on-one basis who recommended your remedies for Animals. Yoshi was scared of the dog door and refused to go through it when the flap was down. The only other option to come inside was the kitchen back door where there was a part of the floor he refused to walk over. This was challenging to say the least, however after only two days on the drops we received this message about Yoshi's progress:
"Just letting you know Yoshi is now going through the dog door with the flap fully down and he comes in the back door over the black area...very happy with the progress." YAY!


German Shorthaired Pointer ('GSP) |       6 year old female desexed

GSP is an anxious dog. She is pretty good at day care, but is often hyper vigilant with noises on the other side of fences. At home, she is a bit stressy, and terrible with visitors. The parents nephew, who visits fortnightly is a particular concern for her. She barks and patrols the area, and doesn't settle. If left inside she barks until put out, even if they stay for hours. If placed outside she runs up and down along the glass door/windows and barks and whines until he leaves. Mum has been using 'Balance Remedy' giving GSP 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening. The nephew visited after 6 days on the drops. GSP barked a little when he arrived and was worried. Parents placed her outside, she barked a couple of times through the window, then went to bed and slept for duration of the visit. At day care, GSP has been cuddly. She has climbed on each of our laps for smooches and is very chilled out. It is like a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders. Parents are away for three weeks and GSP will be in boarding. Mum is interested in trying again on return.

Karyn Molloy - Senior Behavioural Trainer - Holdfast Dog Centre

Staffy X | 14 months old

Hi Christian, I was referred to your site by Bodil at Adelaide Pet Dog Training and have been using the 'Balance Remedy' on our 14 month old staffy x and just wanted to let you know we have noticed a HUGE difference in her behaviour. She was extremely anxious from a young age and began showing signs of aggression towards our new puppy. Since beginning the remedy nearly all signs of aggression have ceased and her anxiety has improved tenfold. We are extremely happy with her progress and are now moving on to the 'Interaction Remedy' for her and the puppy. Thank you again'


Bic Whippet and Rooney Grey

Hi guys,
I just wanted to email you this photo of our two beautiful dogs snuggling together on their sunbed. We have been using your products for a couple of months now ('Balance', 'Interaction' and 'Reconnection') and the results speak for themselves! Our greyhound is a rescue and over 10 year old whippet has never really liked other dogs, so wouldn't want them close to her. They have bonded wonderfully since we have been giving them SOE remedies and they even get excited about taking them...although that may have something to do with the treat they get for doing so.
Anyway, I just thought you would like to see their progress and our family thanks you! We are so proud of our girls.

Misha, Shaun, Bic Whippet and Rooney Grey

Golden Retriever | desexed female ('GR')

GR is 5 years old and is a lovely dog. Basically easy going and loves day care. However she is reactive to other dogs on lead and hates the car to the point where she hides if she thinks a car ride is happening. She has been difficult to get into classes because of the reactivity. Her mum has been using 'Balance Remedy' regularly and 'Emergency' prior to taking her for walks and before and at the beginning of classes and before car rides. Mum reports the walks are now very pleasant with little or no reactivity (unless a dog actively charges at her from behind a fence and even then she is easy to walk away and recovers quickly). She has now been participating in class with six dogs and is able to relax and do as asked and have a good time with dogs around 3-4 metres away. She can pass other dogs and stay focused on mum while working in the class area and looks very comfortable. The car still presents issues sometimes but not others, however she is definitely better about it. Before the drops she would not want to leave day care and would have to half carry her. Now she goes, sometimes head bowed and hunched, but still willing enough - much better than before. We are continuing to work with her on these issues.

Karyn Molloy - Senior Behavioural Trainer - Holdfast Dog Centre

Schnauzer | 12 months old | desexed male

He is 12 months old and is a stressy boy, very noise sensitive, shivers, shakes, hides when worried (trucks, brakes, fireworks, motor bikes are just some of the triggers). Since being on 'Liquid Mineral Balance' he is so much more relaxed. He is cuddlier, more affectionate and copes better with noises. If loud enough or worried enough he still hides but doesn't get to the shaking or high level anxiety stage. His mum is thinking of using 'Liquid Mineral Emergency' too.

Karyn Molloy - Senior Behavioural Trainer - Holdfast Dog Centre