releases physical and emotional tension


Our uniquely created 'Muscle Relief Lotion' is a powerful tension reliever.

Every feeling we have affects some part of the body. Stress, worry, being overwhelmed, anger, sadness; all these negative emotions are targeting your muscular system and your muscles start to become tense. Acting like a workaholic and experiencing the weight of responsibilities you carry can cause muscle tension too. This highly effective 'Muscle Relief Lotion' has been created with Arnica, Wintergreen and Camphor as well as with our beautiful remedies to release the physical and emotional stress stored in your muscles.


Selection of Key Ingredients:



  • eases muscle pain
  • eases pain after surgery


Wintergreen Oil:

  • acts as pain reliever
  • reduces swelling
  • eases muscle and joint pain


Camphor Oil:

  • eases spasms
  • alleviates pain 
  • anti-inflammatory


Selenite Remedy:

  • enhances flexibility
  • alleviates pain 
  • releases emotional stress held in the muscle



Muscle Relief Lotion - 200 ML

releases physical and emotional tension