Skye | Spoodle

A big thank you to the team at SOE Bioremedies!! Our beloved spoodle Skye got desexed yesterday, after the operation she was in much discomfort to the point where she was restless and was not able to sleep. 'Calm' was recommended by the team previously to us, and today after a few drops, she is relaxed and on the mend. Highly recommend these natural remedies for your furry friends. Thanks again.

Dan Stanton, Brisbane


Jack | Calm is magic

Calm is magic. Over the past few weeks Jack has learned to share and has stopped a lot of his resource guarding over his kibble and couch. I am now able to feed Jack from a bowl next to Malik...he is also sharing 'his' couch. He has changed so much, he is so loving and affectionate towards me and has stopped a lot of his growling etc. Good work SOE!

 Cheers Deb

German Shephard | 1 year old female | desexed

Conditions before trial | anxiety and heightened alertness (hyper vigilant) in certain situations, the worst in the car when she is restrained and can't get to us - she is quite vocal (whining), particularly on the way to the destination - pulls on lead and barks and whines when seeing other dogs - barks anxiously if something disturbs her and when she is outside at night even if we're home

Feedback | Over the first few days we noticed reduction in Kallie's reactiveness to her normal triggers. She seemed to be less reactive to things that would normally cause low anxiety but her most anxious moment still seemed to happen e.g. car rides. Generally she seemed to be calmer in her behaviours around the house. Over the three weeks it seemed to have less of an impact but that could just be us become use to her new behaviour. After three weeks we had a little calm left over and have given it to her on one of occasions and it seemed to have an effect on her. Kallie no longer reacts to other dogs or people when we take her for a walk and we think it may be because she had good meetings during the period she was on 'Calm'. Another thing we noticed during and after the trial is that Kallie seemed more willing to take the 'Calm' drops then she is to take the 'Emergency' drops. Not sure if that's related to something about the smell or taste or could just be that she got used to it. Overall we believe 'Calm' was effective at reducing her low level anxious behaviours but seemed to have minimal effect of her biggest triggers.

Spoodle | 9 year old female | desexed

Conditions before trial | highly strung - wakes companion up 2 to 3 times at night to fossick around

Feedback | My dog has attended the Holdfast Dog Centre for over 9 years. She feels as if it is her other home! Karyn recently gave me a bottle of 'Calm' to trial on Tia my highly strung Spoodle. Previously I tried Emergency but that had limited impact on calming her down but the trial with 'Calm' has been significant. For the first time in about 18 months she is not waking me up 2/3 times a night to go outside to fossick around. How wonderful. The other night she didn't even get up when I went to the loo!!! It certainly has had a great impact on her at night.



Kelpie | 4 year old female | desexed

Conditions before trial | anxious dog who frequently yips and runs around in circles on the lawn whenever noise is made inside such as paper being rustled, drawer opened, and when any machinery starts e.g. circular saws, sanders and even when she hears the sound of hammer and nail. We have tried to increase walks, added extra toys to the yard and even increased the size of the yard twofold. She has made her own track right through the middle of the lawn. Nose down and around she goes.

Feedback | After giving Kelpie Toffee the 'Calm' I noticed an all around improvement in all aspects of her many issues. She seemed focused for longer periods, while her running circle behaviour had not ceased there is a marked improvement. Her barking has also toned down. She stays still long enough for a pat and cuddle. A general calmness has been achieved while on this trial. I am more than happy to continue with this program.



British Bulldog | 5 year old female | desexed

Conditions before trial | currently recovering from bad skin breakout - she gets very stressed when away from the house and starts panting a lot - nervous tension present

Feedback | We started our 5 year old desexed dog on the 'Calm' drops. She came here from a breeding facility where she lived in a shed her whole life. Before she started the drops she appeared hesitant to be around the other dogs and often sat alone away from the house. It was difficult to get her inside and she also didn't have a good appetite. After about 4 days on the drops I noticed a big change in her behaviour. She would walk with me, trotting next to me when I was in the back yard. She also mixed with the other dogs more and didn't sit alone as much. We have just finished the bottle 'Calm' drops and her behaviour is now a lot different to before we started. She eats all her meals happily and barely leaves a crumb. She also spends most of the day with the other dogs, sharing a bed with them or laying on the grass together. She is very happy to come inside and doesn't take much persuasion once the door is opened for her. We are very pleased with the results and are so happy that she is more content in her new home.

Boston Terrier | 6 year old male | desexed

Conditions before trial | nervous with people other than us, especially when approached directly - hyper vigilant when walking - shy with other dogs but improving

Feedback | There have been subtle but pleasing results since starting 'Calm'. His shyness with other dogs is slowly reducing and this has probably been the area of most progress in the last 3 weeks. He is slightly less nervous with people but there is a lot more work to do in that department. His nightly manic behaviour before bedtime has lessened and he is much more willing to settle down on his own accord. They hyper vigilance when walking is reduced also and he is less susceptible to dogs barking and loud noises. Thank you very much for the trial.

Skip's Story

Thank you for all your help with Skip. Whilst we were never 100% certain of the cause of her issue and inability to walk (she presented with possible neurological issues & injury), she has responded exceptionally well to combining 'Calm' and acupuncture and is now walking.
Skip is quite an anxious dog and all the travel, appointments, examinations and treatments would have in the past caused a great deal of fretting and a huge amount of distress, however, she has coped really well and I put that down to 'Calm'. She was also willing and calm enough to let herself rest which was crucial in her recovery. She is not totally out of the woods but things are looking positive. Thanks again.

Ali Wass

Great Dane | 10 year old female | not desexed

Conditions before trial | Ataxia and Epilepsy - she is on Phenobarbitone for her Epilepsy which is now well controlled - mobility difficulties due to the Ataxia - due to the brain damage she has issues with aggression when she gets over excited - she is not a nasty dog but she doesn't react normally mentally

Feedback | Thea has just taken her last dose of 'Calm'. While taking the remedy I believe she has been more settled. She has definitely shown a lot less aggression. Thea has an awful lot to deal with, she has Cerebellar Ataxia and Epilepsy. I think 'Calm Remedy' has given her some 'breathing space' giving her the chance to behave more like a 'normal dog'. Thank you for giving Thea the opportunity to try your remedy.

Rescue Dog | female

I recently purchased a bottle of the SOE BIOREMEDIES 'Calm' drops for animals. We have a female rescue dog who loves being inside with us, but is never relaxed. She will jump over the baby gate to get into the kitchen and rummage through the rubbish bin, scratch at the doors, etc. After only 24 hours of giving the 'Calm' drops she was happy to sit on the couch with the other dogs and snooze, rather than be pacing around. We are so pleased she is feeling happier and no longer anxious. Thank you so much for helping her!