Nissa | 7 year old Keeshond

Hi Christian,
I just wanted to send you through a quick email to let you and your lovely wife know how my dog went in the terrible storms yesterday. Nissa is a 7 year old Keeshond who has been diagnosed with Epilepsy and has always been terribly fearful during thunder storms and fireworks. I have been giving her the 'Confidence' drops since last Thursday night.
Ordinarily during a thunder storm she would be shaking and extremely stressed, trying to get as high a position as possible. This usually means climbing the furniture (including bookshelves) to try and get off the ground. For the past few years I have been using TTouch wraps to help her fear and anxiety.
Last night I got home just after the first part of the storm and although she was a little stressed it was nowhere near her normal reaction. Throughout the rest of the storms (which in our area went on for about 6 hours) she was alert and observant of the thunder but much calmer than ever before. Near the end of the storms she started to get a bit more anxious but I think by then we had all had enough (I also have two other dogs, one of which has only been with us for 1 week).
I just wanted to say thank you, I will be recommending you to others.
Kind Regards
P.S.: Please let your wife know that the cream for our other dogs hay fever rash is starting to show results :-)