Trial Number | SW020113/04 | Trial Time | 03.01.13 - 22.01.13

Gender | Male

Age | 3.5 years

Condition before trial |inability to follow instructions - auditory processing issues

Feedback | Within two days commencing 'Focus' we noticed a calming in him. His 'meltdowns' were shorter in duration, frequency and intensity. On the third day of using 'Focus' we were swimming and I gave him the 'two more times and its time to get out' talk and after two more times he got straight out of the pool and then turned to me with the most amazed, almost shocked look on his face and said to me "mummy I listened to your words", such a beautiful moment and a realisation for me that up until that point he was just incapable of listening.
At the time of writing this we had been using 'Focus' for almost 3 weeks and the following feedback was noticed:
he is much calmer - he is much happier - he is able to listen and follow instructions - he is able to 'be' in his own space - his level of anger and aggression decreased SIGNIFICANTLY! - bedtimes became much less of a fight and he started to sleep better - he could take a joke, finally little guy could have fun and have a laugh (previously he would take jokes so seriously that he would emotionally fly off the handle).
Focus was applied (only on a couple of occasions on his spine (C1-C4). After the first application he woke the following day a little out of sorts, almost though he had regressed. On the second spinal application more time and feeling was put into the intent and he was absolutely beautiful, such a joy to be around. He has such a beautiful soul and it is so lovely to see his soul shining brightly these days.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your trial. SOE remedies are amazing products and have changed our world and the life of a little guy dramatically, for which we will be forever grateful.


Trial Number | AP061212/23 | Trial Time| 09.12.12 - 28.12.12

Gender | Female

Age | 25

Occupation |Employment Advisor

Condition before trial | trouble concentrating - feeling overwhelmed - long traffic times - involved in new learning processes

Feedback | Hi Christian, the same week I started the drops I also stopped eating meat (just a coincidence), so I am not sure if all of the things I felt were as a result of the drops but I definitely felt clearer and calmer. I felt like I had more energy to put towards whatever I was doing and more drive to do things like exercise. I also noticed an increase in my general attitude at work, towards my colleagues and clients. I am generally fairly optimistic most of the time but noticed I was very energetic and enthusiastic for most of the day. Over the Xmas break I was much less dedicated to using the drops but still noticed that I was less stressed/overwhelmed with things that used to bother me and more able to concentrate on what I was doing, whether it was preparing for Xmas or exercising.

Trial Number | PB051212/07 | Trial Time| 09.12.12. - 28.12.12

Gender | Female

Age | 51

Condition before trial | memory issues and lack of concentration - english second language

Feedback | I noticed it promotes brightness and a clear mind, focus and determination to cope then to avoid procrastination