Trial Number | RR050213/1 | Trial Time | 08.02.13 - 25.02.13

Gender | Female

Age | 27

Condition before trial | difficulties to commit to anything - can't achieve the simplest of tasks - getting out of bed is a chore - no motivation even if determination is present

Feedback | Good morning Christian, well I have finished my bottle of 'Motivation' remedy as part of the trial and I may say..WOW!
I initially wrote to you with issues sleeping, waking and getting out of bed in the morning, completing tasks and just generally staying on track with my goals. In just shy of a month using 'Motivation', I have lost 3 kg.This is due to the fact that I was up at 6.00 am running every second day around an oval, hiking for 45 minutes on the in between day and sticking to a reasonably healthy diet without begrudging myself a treat here and there. The best part is that I feel like is is now a lifestyle, I could not bare sleeping in and missing the morning. I used to take an afternoon nap after picking my daughter up from school, but now, we tend to the vegie garden we started and get crafty around the house or simply go out for a bike ride :-). I am happier. The 'Motivation Remedy' has definitely increased my motivation and made me feel better about myself.
To top it all off. I have been wanting to quit smoking for about 5 years, but every time something throws me back on the smoking wagon, I was smoking a pack in a week. In the last month I have had a total of 4 be continued.
Thank you so much Christian, it has been easy, noticeable and life changing...literally!

Trial Number | GP260213/1 | Trial Time | 28.02.13 - 19.03.13

Gender | Female

Age | 25

Condition before trial | lacking of motivation to carry out day to day tasks - struggle to find motivation to do basic things (such as washing) - struggle to find motivation for exercising - always finding excuses not to do things - this condition has an impact on relationship and mood (anger)

Feedback | Hi Christian, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial the 'Motivation' remedy.
I am very pleased to note that I saw a change within a couple of days of starting the trial. I have found the motivation to carry out many more tasks during the day, not only at work but at home as well. I no longer make anywhere near the amount of excuses I used to make simply getting on with the tasks at hand. I have been able to organise my day in a much more efficient manner. One that actually makes sense and sees me complete many of my daily goals. I have mainly been focusing on making a big change in my work habits and daily chores and have noticed a big difference. I am now focusing on myself finding the motivation to exercise more and eat's been two days since focusing on this as well as work/chores and so far so good.
I used to feel as though as I needed an afternoon nap to see me through the day and my weekends were wasted saying 'I can't be bothered'. Since starting the trial I have not had an afternoon nap (not even weekends) and have filled both week nights and weekends with activities. I have also managed to organise our engagement party with little stress as I am such more organised and MOTIVATED.


Trial Number | KS180213/1 | Trial Time | 19.02.13 - 12.03.13

Gender | Female

Age | 30

Occupation |Student

Condition before trial | lack of motivation - has to complete two units of course and even pay rise is not motivating - not able to complete things - home is cluttered with half-done work

Feedback | Hi Christian, During my trial, I have to say the hardest part of taking the 'Motivation' remedy is finding the motivation to remember to take it in the first place. I have however experienced some massive changes. I am now eating better and enjoying preparing food again, something I didn't realise had become a chore. I've also gone back to the gym which has helped me find the energy to make these positive changes in my life and have a rippling effect on my appearance. I'm researching again (something I'm passionate about), studying (one assignment to go) and feeling more joyous. My children have also been laughing more due to my elevated motivation towards them too. It's been great for time management too as I've been able to assess what's higher priority instantly rather than my regular procrastination.
'Motivation' remedy is the perfect pre-gym, pre-study, pre-moving, pre-chore, pre-get out of bed, little pick me up, that little kick in the pants to get you moving! Thanks again Christian for allowing me to be a part of this trial, this is amazing!

Trial Number | AH180213/2 | Trial Time | 20.02.13 - 13.03.13

Gender | Female

Age | 60

Condition before trial | no motivation to do housework or gardening, babysitting or art - can't get out of bed in the morning - no meaning of life present - despair

Feedback | I've used the 'Motivation' remedy to overcome a resistance to do basic housework and gardening. I believe that I have underlying depression. Within 3 days, I felt more motivated and could concentrate on these basic household tasks. I've been able to help my son move house after a kidney transplant, did his laundry, cooked for him and cleaned his old home and his new home. I'm amazed!
My organisation skills have improved, enabling me to start work at 7.00 am with a client, and still be able to work until 8.30 pm that night.
I wouldn't want to undertake these hours of work everyday, however, there is a new motivation to get things done. I've started looking after my garden. The lawn that was nearly dead, is now lovely and green. Thank you Christian.