Trial Number | JH031212/11 | Trial Time | 03.12.12 - 19.12.12

Gender | Female

Age | 62

Occupation | Finance Officer

Condition before trial | not able to fall asleep with the assistance of sleeping tablets for the past 12 months - headache in the morning and not wanting to go out of bed - the first few hours at work are a struggle until the fogginess in the head disappears

Feedback | I have taken sleeping tablets only twice during the entire trial instead of daily - headaches have tapered off so the fogginess has also improved - mind is more relaxed when going to bed - my mind is not so busy now which is a great relief

Trial Number | ZB241112/43 | Trial Time | 28.11.12 - 21.12.12

Gender | Male

Age | 12

Occupation | Student

Condition before trial | sleeping disorder since birth - trouble falling asleep - wakes up during the night and can't go back to sleep - this condition creates mood swings and performance issues

Feedback | He was excited to try the drops as he's always had trouble sleeping. At first he was unsure of the taste but soon became used to it and asked every night for the drops. He started coming out of his room less often at night saying he couldn't go to sleep. He was also getting up later in the morning, rather than waking very early and then being unable to go back to sleep. He has been happier generally and in a much better mood. He's also been much easier to get ready for school each day. Thanks for your help!

Trial Number | LM031212/23 | Trial Time | 07.12.12. - 02.01.13

Gender | Female

Age | 28

Occupation | Cafe Supervisor

Condition before trial | sleeping disorder within the last 6 months - wake up between 3 am and 4 am - can't fall asleep again - tired in the morning when waking up - mind does not calm down - hard to wake up in the morning even with early bedtimes

Feedback | After the third night I noticed improvements but still woke up around 4 am - after 4 days taking the drops I woke up around 5 am and I could not fall asleep deeply again, but much better than before - still feeling tired in the morning, but it's not too hard to get up anymore.
After 10 days we adjusted the dosage from 6 to 9 drops - as soon as I started to take the 9 drops I have been sleeping through till 5 am every night - I feel relaxed as soon as I take the drops and fall asleep almost straight away - I still feel a bit tired in the morning but by far not as bad as before taking the 'Sleep Assistant' remedy.