Trial Number | JC040113/1 | Trial Time | 05.01.13 - 21.01.13

Gender | Female

Age | 45

Occupation | Personal Assistant

Condition before trial | lifelong motion sickness, even when driving if there are bends in the road

Feedback | Hi Christian, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial the 'Travel Ease' remedy.
I am a 45 year old who works part times as a personal assistant and have always suffered from motion sickness (at times even when driving the vehicle). I now can happily tell you that while taking the drops twice a day, plus 20 and 10 minutes prior to travelling I have had no vomiting or even the slightest nausea. What I have found quite amazing as well as these results in the facet I haven't felt the driving anxiety that I had since a car accident in May last year. With such a positive result I will now be trialling them on my 7 year old son who has inherited my motion sickness.
Thank you once again for the opportunity to trial these and also for making my life much more pleasurable the last few weeks.

Trial Number | JC021212/66 | Trial Time | 03.12.12 - 18.12.12

Gender | Female

Age | 35

Occupation | Naturopath

Condition before trial | long haul flights - restlessness throughout the flight - resentful that the flight was taking so long - nausea in the last 3 hours of the flight - intense headache after landing and for a few days following

Feedback | no nausea - no restlessness or resentment during the flight - adopted an easy attitude to the flight and after landing at the destination - no stress at all - happy, content and at ease - subsequent short trips in a car or on a motorbike were similarly easy and stress-free

Trial Number | BS061212/09 | Trial Time | 10.12.12. - 10.01.13

Gender | Male

Age |53

Occupation | Engineer

Condition before trial | travel anxiety - particularly as a passenger - lately travel anxiety also as a driver

Feedback | Christian, I am 53 yo male who has suffered from travel anxiety for around 30 years (or more). On occasions, when driving (or as a passenger), I can experience an incredible bout of warmth, chest pain and 'out of control' sensations to the point where I feel I will 'black-out'. Understandably, this has put a lot of pressure on various work and social situations - including avoidance of some of life's pleasures.
I was introduced to SOE Bioremedies by a friend, primarily for use as a calming remedy for my dog during lightning and fireworks. Having seen and been told of the beneficial results with neighbour's pets using 'Emergency' drops, I ventured to the SOE website, whereupon I stumbled upon the 'Travel Ease' drops for people. Since taking the drops twice daily - as well as 10 to 15 minutes before travel, I have noticed distinct improvement in the intensity and frequency of panic attack episodes.
Whilst, I would stop short of saying I am cured - as I have still experienced some attacks, usually triggered by feeling 'boxed in' at high-speed - I have certainly been pleased with the results. At time I have completed my journeys in fast-lanes (which can normally be quite traumatic) and go to my destination without even a thought of possible panic or anxiety. I will continue to use the drops and trust that my on-going experience will continue to improve. I recommend the sustained use of the 'Travel Ease' drops to anyone who may be experiencing similar anxious moments when travelling.

Trial Number | AB121212/22 | Trial Time | 12.12.12 - 31.01.12

Gender | Female

Age | 46

Occupation | Professional Singer

Condition before trial | suffers from motion sickness, even when driving a car feeling sick - travel sickness just in cars, buses and at sea but not in planes

Feedback | I have almost completed 1 bottle of 'Travel Ease'. I have suffered motion sickness my entire life. My worst situations are:
1.Winding roads/driving through hills (incl. as a driver)
2.Passenger in the back of a car
3.Sea sick
4.Passenger in a big 4 wheel drive type vehicle
All but the 'sea sickness' was tried while trialling. I have been on a number of long and winding drives with all but one time, feeling fine with no sickness. I drove an impromptu winding trip that ALWAYS make me ill. I had not taken the 'before' trip dose. I felt mildly ill on the way to the destination, but none on the way back. It is worth noting I was already a little unwell with a headache this particular day.
I have been very happy with the results. I took the drops as directed and regularly. I am a BIG believer in all your products.