Experiences with Liquid Mineral 'Emergency'

*Please note the dogs names have been removed to respect the privacy of their guardians. The names have been replaced with the first letters of the dogs breed, e.g. Border Collie - 'BC'. The dogs guardians are referred to as 'Mum' and 'Dad'.


Feedback received with Email




Thank you Christian. I have been really pleased with your 'Emergency' and 'Balance' drops for Rex with Separation Anxiety (it is a part of his regular regime now). Thank you also for your 'Choose Cruelty Free' status, that is important to many of us. Sincerely

Anthea M.


Feedback received with Email


Hi Sam, I watched the 'Liquid Mineral Emergency' drops in action on New Year's Eve. I had some friends over and one had her 4 month old puppy, who she had only had for about 3 weeks, with her. The poor dog totally freaked out when fireworks went off, hid in a corner, trembled and stuck his head into the fence and wouldn't look at anyone. After about 20 minutes of trying to reassure him (unsuccessfully), I remembered the 'Emergency' drops. The effect was immediate. He totally relaxed, walked away from the fence and the long dark pathway and made his way back to the group wagging his tail and happily taking treats! It's the first time I've used them on a totally stressed dog, and I was blown away by the results.

Janet Coelho - Adelaide Pet Photos by Janet


Feedback received with Email



I had to write to say 'thank you' for your 'Emergency' drops. I'm looking after a friends dog this weekend and she came to my house for the first time tonight. Over the last couple of hours she has been very unsettled and when she heard the dog over the back fence she got very agitated and started scratching and whining at the back and front doors. I remembered I had the 'Emergency' drops and after 3 doses she is now sleeping soundly and snoring her head off. Just amazing. Thank you!!


Large Cross Breed


We have a large cross breed dog in class who has been taking fantastic direction from his guardian and has become easily re-directable. We started using ADAPTIL spray on a bandana for this dog in class. We noticed dramatic results in further calmed behaviour and the dog was easier to re-direct. The guardian purchased ADAPTIL collar for his dog and we had seen dramatic results in class. However, he would be easily 'set off' from a few of the other male dogs in class.

We trialled 'Liquid Mineral Emergency' with this dog in class. Given twice, 15 minutes apart. We did notice further calm behaviour and a much stronger focus with his owner. We did not have ONE reactive outburst from him throughout the whole class. Although we have come a long way with this dog and his training, he normally will react once or twice in class, depending on the trigger - fast moving dogs, dogs in close proximity or a stare bear dog will set him off. During the class where we trialled the 'Emergency' drops, he did not react at all.

Julie Earl - Delta Accredited Pet Dog Trainer - Nutts About Mutts


Feedback received on Facebook


This week was pretty stressful as my 13 year old cat 'Googles' went missing and then turned up Tuesday morning battered and bruised, blood on her neck, not hers, and feeling pretty sorry for herself. Two day of 'Liquid Mineral Emergency' and then 'Reconnection' she finally started eating and today she came running in ready for more food. Even though I have felt first hand the incredible results from these beautiful Liquid Minerals and have witnessed amazing changes with my clients, to see it with my beloved bes fur friend is just another testimony how incredible and powerful these remedies are. Thank you Christian for your inspiration, passion and commitment in creating these beautiful remedies. And my cat certainly thanks you too.

Marlene Galler


Terrier x Girl


We have a fairly young terrier x girl in our class who has had very limited exposure to the outside world. She is not often walked and has met one dog in her life prior to coming to class. As a result, she gets over-excited in the presence of other dogs and spends most of her time observing the class and making a high-pitched excitement/stressy cries. In the first two classes we were taking her out of the class between exercises so she could concentrate with her guardian away from the visual stimulation.

In the last class we administered 5 'Emergency' drops. She stopped her high-pitched noise immediately and began to focus much better on her guardian. Her guardian was able to get her to work for her a lot more throughout the class. After 15 minutes we administered a further 5 drops in class again, she seemed to calm down further and was able to concentrate for longer periods than we had ever observed from her in the previous classes.

The guardian is rather stressy about classes too and worries that her dog is the 'naughty dog'. I have recommended human drops for the guardian and have recommended she purchase the 'Liquid Mineral Emergency' to administer prior to class and street walking. The terrier x girl was taken on her first street walk during the week and was frightened of most of her environment - cars etc. 'Emergency' drops and a everyday formula would be recommended for this dog in the future.

Julie Earl - Delta Accredited Pet Dog Trainer - Nutts About Mutts


American Staffy Girl


I used 'Emergency' drops on a dog who tends to get over-excited and very vocal in classes. She pants for most of the class and makes a funny, excited, high pitched noise which is common to a lot of over-excited staffords! She has been badly attacked in the past by a few dogs and as a result, gets rather nervous in the company of other dogs. We manage her in class by allowing lots of space and giving her some time away from the class to calm down between exercises.

Last week we administered 5 drops of 'Emergency', almost instantly she stopped her high-pitched crying and seemed to be visibly calmer, she was not panting, she was able to lie down and observe without getting over-aroused. We did not have to remove her from classes and when she did react once to dog movement in the class, she redirected without having to remove her - which was not the case in previous classes.

We ended up administering a further 5 drops of 'Emergency' after 15 minutes as she started to get over-excited when I approached again, this immediately seemed to have an effect. The guardian seemed to benefit from the dog's more relaxed state as I observed her relax in her body posture and facial features.

This is just one trial with this dog in class using the 'Liquid Mineral Emergency', but myself, my assistant and the guardian were thrilled at the results for American Staffy Girl.

Julie Earl - Delta Accredited Pet Dog Trainer - Nutts About Mutts


Jack Russel ('JR') - 1 year old male desexed


'JR' is full of himself, typical Jack Russel. He is great at day care with most dogs but dislikes some, mainly Border Collies. We have to manage him carefully and rotate dogs in and out of the two yards. He often gets in scuffles and needs time out. He is very vocal, barky and bossy. We use the 'Liquid Mineral Emergency' on him at day care with parent permission. He was in the small yard until 10.00am with his best friends, but was often firing at the Border Collies and other dogs through the fence. We gave him 7 drops at 9.30am, 9.45am and 10.00am. We brought him into the main yard on lead at 10.15am. We put the two dogs he dislikes most in the small yard. We let him off lead at 10.45am, he stayed in the main yard without a single scuffle or any bad behaviour. He did go to the fence and bark at the Border Collies a few times, but called off tail waggy and happy each time. He doesn't normally call off, we have to go and get him. We repeated the same thing today and he has been excellent.

Karyn Molloy - Senior Behavioural Trainer - Holdfast Dog Centre


Border Collie ('BC') - 1 year old male desexed


'BC' is an anxious dog, particularly at home when visitors are over. On day one 'BC's' mum began a process of drops with the 'Emergency Liquid Mineral'. Visitors were expected at 6.00pm. Mum gave 7 drops at 5.00pm then 5.15pm and 5.30pm. Visitors notified of their late arrival so she gave another 7 drops at 6.30pm. 'BC' is normally placed on lead when visitors are present. He reacts very negatively to the front doorbell and barks considerably. If not on lead he rushes at visitors and occasionally nose punches. Visitors arrived and rang the doorbell and were invited in. 'BC' did not get off the couch or bark. After half an hour he was so relaxed they took him off lead and he ambled over and go a pat from strangers. Mum was extremely excited. I too was impressed. The following Thursday night, 'BC's' mum, myself and my daughter had our three dogs in training classes together. We always manage carefully because 'BC' is not good on lead around other dogs, except our own. The class has three dogs in it other than our group. When we left work to go to class, 'BC' received 7 drops at 6.15pm, 6.30pm and 6.45pm. He was excellent in classes. A dog showed up and surprised us and he accelerated and we gave 7 more drops. He relaxed. It was the best he had been in classes ever. It rained and we went inside. As it is a small area, 'BC' usually leaves if this happens, but he was so comfortable when we went in. 'BC' was relaxed and didn't react at all to the dogs and showed calm interest too. Also, this day was the first time in a year that 'BC' relaxed and slept in the car, both to the club and back.

Karyn Molloy - Senior Behavioural Trainer - Holdfast Dog Centre


Ridgeback X Staffy ('RS') - 2 1/2 year old male desexed  

'RS' is 2 1/2 years old and became reactive after a single incident (house was broken into) and is nervous around other dogs and men. He had been training at a traditional type club (choker, force, etc.) for months but became worse. After 6 months of jerking, yelling, alpha rolling etc. the club asked them to leave because the dog had issues. They have been with us for 6 weeks. We have been using 'Liquid Mineral Emergency' in class and he has improved considerably (Trainer note: Work in progress but the drops definitely lowered the anxiety level so that learning was possible).

Karyn Molloy - Senior Behavioural Trainer - Holdfast Dog Centre


Miniature Pinscher Cross ('MPC') - desexed male  

'MPC' is a very excitable, bossy little fellow. He is fine with other dogs at day care, and lives with a lovely placid Labrador. He was adopted from RSPCA and has been in his new home for around a year or so. On lead he is a bit of a horror. He lunges, spins, barks and rushes at passing dogs, approaching cars (only those coming towards him, not from behind him), cyclists, men and anything fast moving. He is very reactive to dogs behind the fences. He is hyper vigilant at home and reacts to activity around his house (passer-by's, neighbour noises, birds, etc.). He has been on 'Liquid Mineral Balance' for 2 weeks, and has ' Emergency' for his high arousal at times. His parents have reported an amazing change at home. He is much more settled and relaxed and nowhere near as hyperactive or vigilant as he was prior to starting the drops. Last Saturday we had a private lesson and arranged for a street walk so I could help with his reactivity. It had gotten to the point where his parent were no longer walking him. When we set off a car approached from behind and he did a small spin and yip, but I called him off easily and threw food on the ground which he happily ate. We then walked along a side street with traffic passing both ways so I threw treats and prevented any reaction. We then went along a major road and stood around. He was responsive to his mum and me and took treats readily without any reaction to passing cars, buses, cyclists or pedestrians. We then ventured across an oval and he gave one jump and yip at a kid pitching on a cricket pitch but recalled easily. We then came across dogs (both on lead and loose) and joggers which got minimal, manageable reactions. His mum was amazed. I have been out on a walk with this dog before and the difference was commendable.

Karyn Molloy - Senior Behavioural Trainer - Holdfast Dog Centre


Cavy Poodle Cross ('CP') - 3 year old male desexed  

'CP' is 3 years old and has a number of issues including guarding, defensiveness, nervous of men and strangers. He snaps and has bitten people in the home and once out on a walk. He has lunged at others but mum has kept a safe distance. After a bad experience Mum asked us about advise on a muzzle and we suggested trying the Liquid Minerals first. 'CP' takes 'Liquid Mineral Balance' daily and 'Emergency' before and during walks and before and during people visiting. Mum is ecstatic. He has been so much better. He barely pays any attention to people when walking and after 3 weeks mum was confident enough to sit at an outdoor cafe and have a coffee. 'CP' was fine and has been so much more relaxed and calm that the muzzle option has been discounted.

Karyn Molloy - Senior Behavioural Trainer - Holdfast Dog Centre