Experiences with Liquid Mineral 'Reconnection'

*Please note the dogs names have been removed to respect the privacy of their guardians. The names have been replaced with the first letters of the dogs breed, e.g. Border Collie - 'BC'. The dogs guardians are referred to as 'Mum' and 'Dad'.


Shetland Pony - Adopted by Emily Williams


Thank you so much for making your wonderful 'Liquid Mineral Reconnection' remedy drops for animals. We recently adopted an older pony who needed a home. She had been surrendered pregnant. Tragically her foal died in a freak accident when it was only 2 months old and we adopted her when she was grieving. The 'Reconnection' remedy made such a huge difference with helping her get over her loss and assist in her settling in here. Thank you!


Feedback received on Facebook


This week was pretty stressful as my 13 year old cat 'Googles' went missing and then turned up Tuesday morning battered and bruised, blood on her neck, not hers, and feeling pretty sorry for herself. Two day of 'Liquid Mineral Emergency' and then 'Reconnection' she finally started eating and today she came running in ready for more food. Even though I have felt first hand the incredible results from these beautiful Liquid Minerals and have witnessed amazing changes with my clients, to see it with my beloved bes fur friend is just another testimony how incredible and powerful these remedies are. Thank you Christian for your inspiration, passion and commitment in creating these beautiful remedies. And my cat certainly thanks you too.

Marlene Galler


Bic Whippet and Rooney Grey


Hi guys,

I just wanted to email you this photo of our two beautiful dogs snuggling together on their sunbed. We have been using your products for a couple of months now ('Balance', 'Interaction' and 'Reconnection') and the results speak for themselves! Our greyhound is a rescue and over 10 year old whippet has never really liked other dogs, so wouldn't want them close to her. They have bonded wonderfully since we have been giving them SOE Liquid Minerals and they even get excited about taking them...although that may have something to do with the treat they get for doing so.

Anyway, I just thought you would like to see their progress and our family thanks you! We are so proud of our girls.

Misha, Shaun, Bic Whippet and Rooney Grey