Experiences with Liquid Mineral 'Travel Ease'

*Please note the dogs names have been removed to respect the privacy of their guardians. The names have been replaced with the first letters of the dogs breed, e.g. Border Collie - 'BC'. The dogs guardians are referred to as 'Mum' and 'Dad'.


Suki - 6 month old female Neapolitan Mastiff


Our Suki has suffered from travel sickness since the first day we got her. The day we picked her up from the breeder and drove her home she threw up in the car. We thought she might grow out of it but she has thrown up during every single car ride the whole six months we've had her. She has even poohed in the car. I asked the vet if there is anything we could give her and they said we could buy some tablets for $30 but it would be a waste of money as they won't work.

When the girls at Holdfast told me about the 'Liquid Mineral Travel Ease' drops I was sceptical, as they sounded too good to be true, but what did we have to lose.

The first time we gave her the drops was for a trip from Morphett Vale to Salisbury (approx. 2 hours). We were amazed when she didn't throw up at all during the drive. She also usually fidgets and is restless but after having the drops she just lay down and went to sleep!

The other thing is she comes right up and sits in front when it's time to take the 'Travel Ease'. She obviously likes them. Up to today Suki is still fine and never threw up again. We're very happy with the results and will be using the drops every trip from now on.


Feedback received with Email


I contacted Sam for advice on a mineral remedy to help my cat cope with car travel. We had been using Valium but he was really stressed on that and the trips were a nightmare. Sam suggested 'Liquid Mineral Travel Ease'. I started Malik on 'Travel Ease' twice a day a few days before our journey then on the day of the journey I gave him a dose 20 minutes before and then 10 minutes before we set off. Wow what a difference...he was really calm and easily settled on a cushion between the two front seats. He liked to be close to me and his mate (Jack-dog) on the back seat. And we had no acute anxiety as he came down off the Valium. Thanks Sam for a great recommendation. I also have Calm up my sleeve if 'Travel Ease' does not settle him...but first journey...great result!



Trial Feedback from 'Nutts about Mutts'


Hi Julie, just giving feedback for the Liquid Minerals. The puppy was anxious beforehand panting and pacing excessively but after the 'Travel Ease' drops she sat quietly and even fell asleep. She was a different dog! It was amazing! It made travel much more pleasant!


Trial Feedback from 'Nutts about Mutts'


Hi Julie, since using the 'Travel Ease' he is much calmer in car rides and looks more relaxed. He hasn't vomited since starting on it. Thank you!