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Feedback received on Facebook



A big thank you to the team at SOE Bioremedies!! Our beloved spoodle Skye got desexed yesterday, after the operation she was in much discomfort to the point where she was restless and was not able to sleep. 'Calm' was recommended by the team previously to us, and today after a few drops, she is relaxed and on the mend. Highly recommend these natural remedies for your furry friends. Thanks again Dan Stanton.


Marie Wilson via Facebook


Keep up the good work Christian and team, you made Tobys, my little dog, life worth living again. Thanks




Naomi Burkhardt and Pumpkin


As the creator of the Liquid Minerals I wanted to share a personal experience with the Liquid Minerals. Over the last few months Pumpkin, our cat, developed an unusual behaviour she never had before. Every time we went to bed and turned the lights off, it didn't take 10 minutes until Pumpkin started crying and scratching the doors. After a while she stopped, but started after a few hours again! She never did that before! Four days back my little daughter Naomi came to me and said:"Dad you help so many animals with the Liquid Minerals, can't you do something for Pumpkin?" Honestly, it never crossed my mind! So I started to treat Pumpkin with 'Liquid Mineral Confidence'. After the first day, believe it or not, and she never did that before, she caught a mouse and brought it home, 'confidence or coincidence' I can't tell. But what I can say, since Pumpkin is on the drops, now for 4 days, she did not once cry during the night and her confidence increased visibly! Thanks Pumpkin for letting me experience the Liquid Minerals in my own private life! And thanks to my little daughter Naomi for bringing it to my attention.



Sam and Benson


I wanted to 'thank you' for your help with the drops for my dog 'Benson'. Having used SOE Liquid Minerals myself with great results, I hoped you would be able to help Benni when he became very ill this week. I'm thrilled to say he improved overnight and is back to his normal, bouncy, hungry self. The difference is amazing. I am so very grateful and recommend the Liquid Minerals for humans and animals alike.


Nissa - 7 year old Keeshond


Hi Christian,

I just wanted to send you through a quick email to let you and your lovely wife know how my dog went in the terrible storms yesterday. Nissa is a 7 year old Keeshond who has been diagnosed with Epilepsy and has always been terribly fearful during thunder storms and fireworks. I have been giving her the 'Confidence' drops since last Thursday night.

Ordinarily during a thunder storm she would be shaking and extremely stressed, trying to get as high a position as possible. This usually means climbing the furniture (including bookshelves) to try and get off the ground. For the past few years I have been using TTouch wraps to help her fear and anxiety.

Last night I got home just after the first part of the storm and although she was a little stressed it was nowhere near her normal reaction. Throughout the rest of the storms (which in our area went on for about 6 hours) she was alert and observant of the thunder but much calmer than ever before. Near the end of the storms she started to get a bit more anxious but I think by then we had all had enough (I also have two other dogs, one of which has only been with us for 1 week).

I just wanted to say thank you, I will be recommending you to others.

Kind Regards


P.S.: Please let your wife know that the cream for our other dogs hay fever rash is starting to show results :-)