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Balance - Animals - 20 ML

This combination remedy helps to relax and take 'the edge off' by giving a sense of stability, clarity and calm. It helps support an animal's relationship with themselves and others to create more happiness and harmony by encouraging them to 'go with the flow'.

Calm - Animals - 20 ML

'Calm' remedy helps lower extreme nervous tension and long term stress by calming the mind. Calm can also help if your companion finds it difficult to settle and rest (during the night) by creating a relaxed state which encourages sleep.

Confidence - Animals - 20 ML

'Confidence' combination remedy helps promote clarity, confidence and courage by giving a sense of self-respect. Many animals go through a 'crisis of confidence' as a result of life experiences which can create fear, anxiety and uncertainty. This combination remedy encourages giving and receiving while supporting growth and harmony.

Emergency - Animals - 20 ML

'Emergency' combination remedy helps with stressful situations and sudden changes. This is a 'must have' for all households with animals. This combination can be used on an ongoing basis as 'emergencies' or stressful situations arise. We suggest you have it on you when you're out and about (for example on a walk with your dog) just in case you need it.

Focus - Animals - 20 ML

'Focus' combination remedy helps promote focus and flexibility by giving a sense of peace and tranquillity. Many animals have issues with self-control which can be a result of genetics (breed), environment (boredom) and/or past experience (lack of training/socialisation and life experience). This combination helps to clear the mind and move from a state of confusion to clarity and focus.

Interaction - Animals - 20 ML

'Interaction' combination remedy promotes beautiful relationships in a very gentle and compassionate way. Life experiences and temperament can influence interactions with people and other animals. This combination encourages positive relationships by fostering a sense of happiness, courage and self-confidence.

Reconnection - Animals - 20 ML

'Reconnection' combination remedy helps promote a new beginning by giving a sense of strength, growth, flexibility and gratitude; all the necessary tools when experiencing a dramatic change in circumstances and/or environment. It encourages happiness, joy and a 'reconnection' to life by providing direction and certainty.

Travel Ease - Animals - 20 ML

Many companion animals suffer from motion sickness. It can be as obvious as vomiting or can be shown by the animals anxiety (drooling, panting, pacing, whining). This creates a very stressful situation for everyone involved. 'Travel Ease' remedy provides the stability, growth, strength, faith and self-confidence to help make travel easy and enjoyable.