Special Care - Age Defense

-all products in this line are vegan friendly-


Age Defence Profile:

As we get older our skin becomes thinner and less radiant. A reduction in oil gland activity leaves mature skin dry and dehydrated, with lines and wrinkles becoming more obvious. A loss of skin elasticity results in a dull and lifeless complexion.


CHI Line - Special Care:

SOE Bioremedies CHI skin care range addresses the specific needs of mature skin by providing extra special and effective care. Experience a reviving transformation with 24 Carat Gold and the potent antioxidant action of Edelweiss Extract. A synergy of active ingredients promotes vitality, rejuvenation, improved skin texture and a dramatic reduction in wrinkles and facial expression lines. Your complexion will become luminous and supple.


Benefits - CHI Line:

  • promotes fast penetration of oxygen molecules into the skin
  • reduces depth of wrinkles up to 30%
  • stimulates the synthesis of collagen
  • relaxes facial tension
  • creates younger looking skin


Selection of Key Ingredients:


24 Carat Gold:

  • promotes fast penetration
  • makes skin more dense and elastic
  • enhances resilience



  • relaxes facial tension
  • acts as 'natural botox'


Edelweiss Extract:

  • anti-ageing
  • antioxidant activity


Essential Vibrations Larimar:

  • brings equilibrium
  • self-actualisation


Essential Vibrations Danburite:

  • promotes self-worth and flexibility

CHI Line - Defense Complex - 15 ML

24 Carat Gold - Serum

CHI Line - Eye Cream - 15 ML

age defense eye cream 24 c gold1
24 Carat Gold