Liquid Mineral Trial 'Spring Balance'

'All feedback is exactly as received from trail participants' 

Please note: All trial participants were specifically asked to use the 'Spring Balance' as prescribed (4 times daily). However, some participants didn't use the spray as directed and we believe the benefits would have been greater if used as recommended. Although some participants didn't follow the guidelines as required for the trial, we have included their feedback below.

SOE Bioremedies does not claim to directly treat physical or medical symptoms. Our products effectively treat the underlying emotional patterns.


Trial Number: CS090914/3 - Trial Time: 10.09.14 - 10.10.14


Gender: Female - Age: 53 - Occupation: Self-Employed

Condition before trial: tiredness - feeling irritated - foggy head - lethargic - waking up with a blocked nose - no motivation - sneezing - runny nose - itchy eyes - itchy throat

Feedback: I have suffered from hay fever since I was a teenager (now in my 40's) and have had to take antihistamines and/or nasal spray and eye drops every spring to help ease the annoying symptoms of sneezing, itchy throat and eyes, and feeling very tired and irritable. Within one day of starting the 'Spring Balance' spray I felt a noticeable difference and to my great relief there was no sneezing or itchiness. By the end of the trial all my physical symptoms had disappeared, and I had more energy and motivation and could think much better. For the first time in SO many years I don't have to take drugs during hay fever season! Believe me, as I work outdoors, this is a huge improvement and I am very grateful for SOE's Spring Balance which has changed my life in such a massive way.


Trial Number: JC090914/1 - Trial Time: 10.09.14 - 10.10.14


Gender: Female - Age: 52 - Occupation: Professional Photographer

Condition before trial: very itchy, red eyes (this is the worst symptom) - itchiness throat - sneezing and runny nose congestion in sinus - itchiness inside ears - unable to function in any capacity - like my life is passing me by while I wait for autumn - totally and utterly irritated

Feedback: Thank you for letting me take part in your trial for 'Spring Balance'. I am delighted to tell you that this is the best spring I have had in a long long time as far as my hay fever goes!

I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical about the ability of a natural product to help my hay fever at first, but now I am a total convert. I am blown away by how good I have felt for the last month since taking it.

It hasn't completely 'cured' my hay fever but it has reduced the symptoms to a tolerable level that allow me to walk my dog, go running, bike riding and be in my garden without rushing back inside to a dark room with all the windows closed. I have actually been able to enjoy spring for the first time in a long time without having to take one pharmaceutical drug to help the hay fever symptoms and then another pharmaceutical drug to offset the side effects of the first drug.

I have continued to use eye drops but I'm happy with that, and I only need them a couple of times a day whereas before I needed them hourly.

And I have to admit that I have often forgotten to use the spray 4 times a day because I'm not experiencing all the usual hay fever irritations, I forget that I'm supposed to be using the spray!

Thank you so much, I don't know what you've got in that 'Spring Balance' but it works, and I'll be using it every spring from now on, bye bye to those awful drugs I used to survive on.

I feel the opposite of how I usually feel this time of the year...happy that I can enjoy the lovely weather and all my normal outdoor activities, positive and optimistic and like a normal functioning human being.



Trial Number: LC170914/1 - Trial Time: 17.09.14 - 10.10.14


Gender: Female - Age: 60 - Occupation: Security Guard

Condition before trial: heavy head - runny eyes - blocked or runny nose - pressure behind the eyes - sometimes headaches - antihistamines taken on a daily basis together with nasal spray with minimal relief - challenging time lately in an office environment which affected my emotional life circumstances

Feedback: The results of using 'Spring Balance' spray have been outstanding. I had suffered hay fever symptoms throughout winter and with the onset on spring, had become unbearable.

After three days of using the spray, I had already noticed that my runny nose and teary eyes were clearing up. I also found that I was not sneezing several times a day (3-4 sneezes in a row), but maybe only once or twice.

I have been using 'Spring Balance' spray for three weeks now. My head is clear and without that 'heave' feeling. I can think more clearly. I take antihistamines on the odd occasion and rarely need nasal spray. Nose is clear and eyes are not watering. Physically, I'm not exhausted as was the case before.

This is a fantastic product and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much Christian for creating such an amazing remedy.


Trial Number: CN080914/1 - Trial Time: 10.09.14 - 10.10.14


Gender: Female - Age: 32 - Occupation: Beauty Therapist

Condition before trial: inflammation in sinus - discomfort - itchy skin on the face and throat - easily irritated - moody - feeling down - feeling not normal energetically and within the body

Feedback: For several years I have been suffering with chronic hay fever and allergies. The most common irritating of symptoms from itchy eyes and face, runny nose, sneezing and generally feeling lethargic and moody. Over the past 8 months my allergies have become worse, particularly experiencing a severely itchy throat in the night and constant sinus congestion. After feeling concerned about the amount of sinus spray I was using and the antihistamine tablets I was consuming, I decided to look into a more alternative approach and holistic medicines to find some relief.

I have used the Liquid Minerals from SOE Bioremedies in the past for various emotional points in my life and have always had very positive results. I decided to give the 'Spring Balance' a try as this was something I had not used to ease the allergy symptoms. Within a week of using the spray, I noticed that my symptoms had started to ease. The itchy face was less intense and sneezing wasn't so frequent. After I completed my course of the 'Spring Balance' spray, I can honestly say that my allergies have settled. Although I am still experiencing sinus inflammation and hay fever symptoms, they seem to be less intense and have almost a gentleness to them without the mind fog. My mood swings have definitely calmed and I feel as though I have more of a connectedness to my body, for example: the aggressive itchy throat in the middle of the night seems to have something to do with my body over heating, so if I have this sense of awareness with my body, instead of becoming anxious, I feel I can now deal with the symptoms in a calmer and clearer way.

I will definitely be purchasing a second bottle of the 'Spring Balance' along with another Liquid Mineral as I feel they are very powerful yet gentle healing medicine for both the physical and the emotional well-being. Thank you!


Trial Number: RR100914/2 - Trial Time: 11.09.14- 11.10.14


Gender: Female - Age: 30 - Occupation: Graphic Designer

Condition before trial: hay fever - asthma - lethargic - itchy skin - headaches more regularly - getting irritated - feeling miserable and unsocial - resisting emotions

Feedback: When I started this course of 'Spring Balance' I was using the spray under my tongue and on my wrists 4 times daily (as instructed) along with my antihistamine tablets. To begin with I found the spray quite helpful in conjunction with my antihistamine tablets, especially considering the weather conditions have been high for allergy sufferers and I know normally I would be suffering a lot more from my allergy symptoms. Part way through the course (possibly 2 weeks in) I became unwell with a gastro bug which lasted for 7 days, so I decided to only use the spray on my wrists, and I continued this way for the rest of the trial period. It was hard to gauge during the time I was unwell but as soon as I was better there were certainly times when I found the product had been quite helpful with my allergies and emotional symptoms. Possible the most noticeable difference I found was it really helped with feeling positive and staying sociable. If I started feeling lethargic through the day, I would find my 'Spring Balance' and spray over my wrists to my nose and breathed in. Sometimes I would use it more then 4 times. I felt this was fine as I wasn't using it under my tongue. I also found I had less itchy skin. Thank you for letting me trial 'Spring Balance', it certainly has improved my way of living. Kind Regards


Trial Number: GH100914/1 - Trial Time: 11.09.14 - 11.10.14


Gender: Female - Age: 30 - Occupation: Graphic Designer

Condition before trial: fatigue - lethargy - appetite loss - restless legs at night - excessive desire to sleep - easily upset - fairly negative - feeling stress and anxiety far more regularly - lack of motivation to socialise and interact

Feedback: Throughout week two, I noted a few changes...I was singing along to music again, slight increase in motivation, and noticing moment of clarity. Beginning of the following week noted less lethargy, improved appetite, cravings for green vegetables, salads etc.

Mid way through the week I received some bad new regarding father's illness and felt quite depressed again for the following couple of days.

Emerged from this and picked up quite quickly, wanting to engage in exercise again - walking around neighbourhood and a morning walk at the beach.

Still feeling emotionally reactive however able to recognise this and employ meditation exercises or breathing to counteract - was not rational enough in these moments before the trial to put anything in place.

Only a marginal change, but finding socialising slightly easier, less forced and more natural - feeling less anxious.

These are changes I do not feel I can attribute to any other external or internal force. Kindest Regards


Trial Number: HH230914/1 - Trial Time: 12.09.14 - 21.10.14


Gender: Male - Age: 43 - Occupation: CEO Government Organisation

Condition before trial: disrupted sleep - low level headaches throughout the day - sneezing fits 3-6 sneezes when outside - getting irritated

Feedback: Prior to the trial, I was losing sleep due to hay fever disruption, which was making me progressively more irritable. Lack of sleep also contributed to headaches. Also, I found constant runny nose and occasional sneezing fits highly disruptive.

The Liquid Mineral has a not unpleasant taste and smell, although quite unlike anything I have tasted before. My partner quite liked the smell. Initially I did not notice much improvement in my condition. Then, after a couple of weeks, I was sleeping better, suffering less sneezing attacks and was less irritable. This further improved into the third and fourth week. At the time I attributed this change mostly to changing environmental factors and the passing of the hay fever season. I also found that I was generally in an upbeat mood and was sleeping well.

Sometime around the middle of the fourth week my sample bottle ran out. Since that time my hay fever seems to have gradually returned and indeed I am increasingly suffering sneezing fits. Given this relapse, environmental factors seem less likely to have been the cause of my improved condition in recent weeks. It would appear that the Liquid Mineral provided a gradual but definite improvement in my physical and emotional state during the time I was on the trial and for some time afterwards.

Many thanks for allowing me to be part of your trial.