Flint - 20 ML

Self-Worth and Self-Acceptance
Two of the most significant and important qualities for every living being are self-worth and self-acceptance. These two traits are the main substance of life. When we're self-accepting we can embrace all facets of ourselves - not just the positive, but also our weaknesses and limitations. Self-worth and self-acceptance are the underlying forces of self-love. Truly embracing both traits allows you to love yourself and therefore to love others and to receive love. 'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Flint' helps you find your true self-worth and to accept yourself as the beautiful radiant soul you are.

Fluorite Blue - 20 ML

Giving and Receiving
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Fluorite Blue' is beautiful to take if there in an imbalance in giving and receiving. Through the deeper understanding that one cannot exist without the other, this essence will help you to give and receive in a healthy way. If we are able to do both then we are whole and can enjoy all the pleasure of living.

Fluorite Pink - 20 ML

Commitment and Faith
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Fluorite Pink' is perfect if you are struggling with commitment. Very often we lack faith or trust, and fear what lies ahead. Some people fall in love but fear that the relationship will not hold. They are afraid to commit. Through balancing the crown chakra, 'Fluorite Pink' makes you realise that every decision you make is always for your own good as well as for the good of others. It will clear fear and disbelief. It will make you aware that there are no mistakes in life, just experiences that bring growth.

Fluorite Purple - 20 ML

Self-Awareness and Balance
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Fluorite Purple' is the perfect balancer if we experience changes from one extreme to the other and get 'stuck' in them. Through extremes and sudden changes our personality and attitudes may also become unstable. We lose the realisation of who we actually are. 'Fluorite Purple' will bring the right calmness and balance to be centred again. It is perfect for extreme mood swings or all situations in which one experiences extreme polarities.

Heliotrope - 20 ML

Clarity and Courage
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Heliotrope' helps you to understand how to deal with obstacles. It will support you with courage and clarity so you are able to remove obstacles from your life's path.

Herkimer Diamond - 20 ML

Relationships and Happiness
'Herkimer Diamond' remedy enhances the ability to attract bright shining and inspiring people into your life. Its energy is very gentle and soft, as will be your relationships. It also provides clarity which leads to a happier life, where it becomes easier to find the right people you need to shine. It will create comfort, the feeling of security and trust.

Jade White - 20 ML

Support and Rebirth
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'White Jade' is perfect to use in confused and irritated situations. It will bring a feeling of being refreshed, balanced and clear about how and where to go. It helps you to attract people with a 'helping hand'. This can happen through advice, emotional support or even physical support. It helps us to accept from others. It can create a feeling of being reborn and renewed.