Combination Skin

Skin Type Profile | Combination Skin has a twofold appearance. In the cheek bone area the skin is thin and dry with fine pores. The T-Zone area has large pores and many sebum glands and is therefore much oilier. Combination skin is frequently sensitive and affected by environmental factors.

Combination Skin - Line | This Line provides your skin with an effective system to normalise the oily T-Zone while combating dehydration. Precisely selected natural extracts, cooling and refreshing oils and high performance active ingredients ensure a perfectly balanced and even appearance.

The Benefits

  • regulates sebum production
  • balances oily skin
  • helps to control blemishes
  • anti-seborrheic
  • improves skin appearance
  • reduces greasiness of the skin
  • regenerating
  • rejuvenating
  • prevents skin irritation

Combination Skin | Skin Regenerating | Vegan Friendly | Organic

Day Moisturiser

Combination Skin | 30 ML
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Face Cleanser

Combination Skin | 100 ML
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Face Toner

Combination Skin | 100 ML
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Eye Cream | Refine

All Skin Types | 20 ML
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Rebalance V Concentrate

Combination Skin | 20 ML
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Bamboo Exfoliant

All Skin Types | 60 ML
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