Dry Skin Light

Skin Type Profile | Environmental influences, free radicals and stress are ravages of time on the ageing-process. Thinning of the skin and reduced oil gland activity results in dry skin, consequently the skin forms lines and the complexion loses its glow and vitality.

Dry Skin Light - Line | Infuse your skin with a unique selection of natural ingredients. 'Dry Skin Light' provides your skin with the richest sources of essential fatty acids, essential oils, liquid minerals and antioxidants. Experience a reviving transformation with this effective skin care program.

The Benefits

  • helps to retain moisture balance
  • improves elasticity of the skin
  • keeps skin hydrated
  • helps to prevent fine lines
  • stimulates collagen production
  • creates younger looking skin
  • smooths wrinkles

Dry Skin | Smoothes Wrinkles | Vegan Friendly | Organic

Day Moisturiser

Dry Skin Light | 30 ML
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Face Cleanser

Dry Skin Light | 100 ML
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Face Toner

Dry Skin Light | 100 ML
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Night Moisturiser

Dry Skin | Repair | 30 ML
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Eye Cream | Refine

All Skin Types | 20 ML
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Bamboo Exfoliant

All Skin Types | 60 ML
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