Experiences with 'Wunderbalm'


Roxy - Border Collie


"I wanted to share with you the amazing and speedy healing that the 'Wunderbalm' has done for our border collie 'Roxy'.

This time of year is always notorious for grass seeds and it is always tricky finding them in a big hairy dog like she is. Twice now in the last few weeks she has been licking her paws telling me that there is a grass seed lodged in between her toes, and yes I can get them out but the skin is always irritated and very red from all the licking. I have applied 'Wunderbalm' now both times and immediately she has comfort and no more irritation. The skin heals almost overnight and she is one happy girl once again.

I thought you may wish to let your fellow SOE animal lovers know in case they have the same with their fur babies. Thanking you for all your inspirational work and beautiful products.