Larimar - 20 ML

Joy and Inspiration

'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Larimar' is the deliverer of joy. It helps you to enjoy and participate in life again. It can create so much inspiration and energy that you don't know which of all the beautiful things to do first. 'Larimar' is very unusual in the way it works, as it is fed from the purity of the heart of the user. It has the energy of the dolphins, which means it is one of the most powerful emotional healing essences.

Lava - 20 ML

Closure and Willpower
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Lava' is beautiful to use when everything around you seems to fall apart. It will help you to deal with extremely difficult situations and will build up the foundation for the next new and positive chapter of your life. This remedy will support you with strength, focus and willpower. You will start to release fear to be able to open the door to new beginnings. It will help to close a chapter to be energetically free to start a new one.

Moldavite - 20 ML

Freedom and Comfort
Many of us have a 'fear of the unknown'. The unknown is nothing more than the feeling that we cannot control what will happen or what the future holds. We are afraid of not being in control. 'Moldavite' remedy helps you to let go of such fears and will give you the deep realisation that we cannot control life anyway. It will allow you to be open to new thinking, it will break old habits and may create new unique belief systems. If you feel trapped in a situation, 'Moldavite' can help to resolve the problem.

Moonstone - 20 ML

Change and Decision
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Moonstone' helps you to raise your consciousness on a subliminal level. With this process every step you take will be soft and invisible to others. It may bring insight into a variety of options and life choices. It delivers the strong male energy needed to make changes and the soft and gentle female energy to make the 'right' decision. Wherever contrast is present in your life, it is perfect to take.

Morganite - 20 ML

Growth and Ideas
'Essential Vibrations' remedy Morganite' is the essence of 'birth'. It will bring forward new ideas, excitement and joy and engaging with life. Like a baby that has to learn to walk and talk, 'Morganite' promotes a step by step healthy growth of understanding. Everything will just develop naturally. It will eliminate negative thoughts and will deliver a feeling of innocence. It will encourage you to be open and learn without judgement. It will give you calm and tranquillity and will eliminate fear of new endeavours.

Peridot - 20 ML

Courage and Self-Confidence
'Essential Vibrations' remedy Peridot' is the door opener to many things in life and invites in the new people you may need. It attracts positive energy through balancing the heart chakra and solar plexus. It brings courage, self-confidence, self-esteem and most of all endurance. If you are somebody who finds it difficult to finish things it will help you to stay focused and centred. It brings a feeling of serenity and peace especially in a time of life changes.

Rose Quartz - 20 ML

rose quartz 1
Beauty and Harmony
'Rose Quartz' remedy helps you to grow and blossom. It bring out your true beauty. It helps you to go with the flow in a very gentle way. It balances the heart chakra and brings kindness, softness and gentleness into your attitude of life. 'Rose Quartz' helps you to realise that everything is possible, and enhances creativity. You will feel the beauty and harmony of your existence.

Royal Azel - 20 ML

Success and Understanding
'Essential Vibrations' remedy Royal Azel' speeds up the process to realising a higher consciousness, especially in moments of struggle and conflict. It will encourage you to think deeply and will also provide insights and understanding. It helps to find solutions. If you are 'stuck', it can recreate the flow of information needed to go ahead.

Ruby - 20 ML

New Beginnings and Endings
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Ruby' is brilliant to use if you are beginning something new or would like to end something. It bring a higher state of awareness and a feeling of warmth and comfort. it also promotes an understanding of the existing laws of the universe, the rhythm of things and a deeper knowledge.