Vibrational Teas

Tea tempers the spirit, harmonises the mind and awakens thought. In the midst of the rush of everyday life, taking the time to drink a cup of tea is a delight for your body, mind and soul.
We have created a range of unique herbal teas infused with SOE Essential Vibrations remedies to deliver a truly holistic tea which nurtures you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Aquamarine Tea

Calming and Relaxing |               40 g
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Herkimer Diamond Tea

Stimulating and Rejuvenating | 50 g
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Immuni-T Tea

Strengthening and Protecting | 60 g
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Larimar Tea

Refreshing and Uplifting |          50 g
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Winter Warmer Tea

Warming and Relaxing |             70 g
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Women's Balance Tea

Hormone Balancing |                  70 g
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