Sapphire Blue - 20 ML

Responsibility and Leadership
'Essential Vibrations' remedy Sapphire Blue' is the 'Royal Essence'. If you have lots of responsibilities on your shoulders or a job which requires strong leadership qualities, 'Sapphire' will support you. It helps you to understand and to deal with difficult situations. It will help you to make the right decisions with the greatest benefit. It brings you back to your own centre so you can move forward in a strong way.

Selenite - 20 ML

Flexibility and Gratitude
'Essential Vibrations' remedy Selenite' is the 'Fountain of Youth'. It supports the flexible and open thinking that keeps us young. It creates a sense of absolute gratitude out of a deeper understanding of things, it refreshes and inspires. 'Selenite' dissolves in water, and it can dissolves old belief systems and open new ones.

Shungite - 20 ML

Expansion and Evocation
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Shungite' helps you expand your thinking and open your eyes to a new way of seeing by evolving with deeper understanding and new beliefs. Your experience will depend on your intention when you use 'Shungite' and what you would like to expand; your thinking, spirituality, friendship, business etc. Wherever you focus your intent 'Shungite' will help you summon it into action or bring it into existence in ways you may not expect or wouldn't have thought of, but always for the best. This remedy allows you to access awareness at a deep soul level and ignite the ancient knowledge within all of us.

Sphalerite Green - 20 ML

Perception and Truth
Very often in life we have insights, but we don't know how to interpret them, we can't comprehend where the inspiration comes from and we lack the faith to follow those insights. We find ourselves questioning what is 'right' and what is 'wrong', and often struggle to find our 'true' path to success to fulfilment. 'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Sphalerite Green' enhances your perception to determine the truth about an issue or insight allowing you to discover your true path to success and fulfilment. This remedy can strike like lightning with the right thought, idea or answer and can create waves of inspiration. It allows you to discover your 'truth' by revealing the understanding, faith and conviction for you to finally live it.

Tektite - 20 ML

Hope and Guidance
'Essential Vibrations' remedy Tektite' is a perfect essence to combat a feeling of hopelessness. Sometimes we are in a situation where we feel trapped and can't see away out of it. In such circumstances we lack faith and guidance. We feel desperate and we believe that the entire world is against us. 'Tektite'  will balance your crown chakra so that you are able to receive the right guidance to be able to work through the situation. It makes you realise that there is a 'bigger picture' and that changes in life are necessary. Without change we stop experiencing, without experiencing there is no life. It will help you to see the 'light at the end of the tunnel'.

Tourmaline Black - 20 ML

Protection and Self-Awareness

'Essential Vibrations' remedy Tourmaline Black' acts as the 'big protector'. It protects from negative energy in every possible way. It helps to understand the meaning and importance of loyalty (which means loyal to yourself). It is perfect if difficulties in relationships are present (family, friends, work colleagues). It creates harmony by eliminating negativity and provides a deeper meaning of life.

Uvarovite - 20 ML

Comfort and Self-Realisation
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Uvarovite' is a brilliant essence to use if you feel overburdened. If the weight of the load on the truck is not balanced, there is a danger of 'overbalancing'. Also if there is too great a load, the truck needs more petrol and power. The same counts for humans. If we carry too much, we burn out very quickly and cannot give any more, as we 'run out of petrol' (energy). 'Uvarovite' helps you to find the right balance in such situations. Often we have to take care of people, especially in our own family because they need extra care. We start to forget ourselves. 'Uvarovite' remedy releases that feeling of guilt and responsibility and supports self-care.

Watermelon Tourmaline - 20 ML

watermelon tourmaline
Self-Value and Wholeness
The most potent factor in consistent well-being is being true to our core values. When we 'live our truth' via our deepest values whatever they may be we naturally feel more authentic. However, when we violate our core values we can experience guilt and shame. This remedy helps you to 'live your truth' in every possible way and therefore live an authentic life which creates happiness and satisfaction. It also helps you to 'realise' your unique wholeness. As night follows day, it is normal to have negative and positive emotions. 'Watermelon Tourmaline' creates an awareness of how to step into and live in your authentic 'wholeness', which results in a healthy emotional balance and much richer life.