Taurus - North Node - 20 ML

North Node Taureans are naturally born with an eye for art and they are called the 'master builders'. This means whatever they build can turn out successfully, be it a physical building, a relationship or even a business. In this lifetime the biggest challenge for North Node Taureans is to learn how to deal effectively with money. They have to regain their self-confidence, own needs and value.

To Embrace:

  • acknowledging simplicity in life
  • self-discovery
  • being open to new values
  • 'investing' in yourself
  • persistence, gratitude and patience
  • being aware of structures and boundaries
  • loyalty
  • consideration for the needs of others
  • enhancing stability in your life


To Release

  • attachment to luxury
  • small talk
  • pessimism
  • investing all your energy in one source
  • jealousy
  • impatience which is followed by over-reacting
  • obsessive tendencies
  • creating chaos