Solar Plexus - Roll On - 15 ML

Self-Value and Empowerment

The solar plexus is your energy centre and it radiates vial life energy through-out our entire body. It is where our willpower comes from. Our ability to achieve, self-esteem, raw emotions and self-discipline are all governed by this chakra. It is the 'power centre' of your body.


the solar plexus is situated at the navel and a little above



roll on 7 times clockwise onto solar plexus - twice daily


Primary Function:

centre of beliefs - identity and personality - organsational abilities - self-esteem - self-worth - empowerment


Colour: Yellow

yellow symbolises the mind and intellect


When solar plexus is balanced:

promotes action and assertion - you thrive on pressure - complete control over your emotions - self-love - no doubts - you know your place in the world


Symptoms of imbalance:

anxiety - being aggressive or angry - being dependent on others - doubts - mistrust - need constant approval of others - self-judgement - trouble to take action - worry


Organs/Glands governed by the solar plexus:

adrenal glands - digestive system - large intestine - liver - pancreas - stomach


Possible physical symptoms if solar plexus is imbalanced:

acne - anorexia - arthritis - bulimia - colon disease - diabetes - difficulty concentrating - eczema - glandular fever - hepatitis - stomach ulcers - weight problems


Nutrition for the solar plexus:

bananas - chamomile - cummin - dairy such as cheese and yoghurt - fennel - ginger - granola - grapefruit - grains such as bread, pasta, rice, flax, sunflower seeds - turmeric



the solar plexus vibrates with the note 'E' or chanting 'RA'


Coupled Major Chakras:



Associated Meridians:

liver and stomach