Throat Chakra - Roll On - 15 ML

Expression and Communication

The throat chakra is the centre that governs our speech and creative expression in the world. It is about how we express ourselves and our ability to communicate our needs, in a truthful way. It is not only about communicating through speaking and writing, but also in music, singing and dancing.


the throat chakra is situated at the base of the throat, in the 'V' that is formed in the centre of the collarbone


roll on 7 times clockwise onto throat chakra - twice daily


Primary Function:

communication - sharing of needs - search for truth - self-expression


Colour: Blue

blue symbolises inspiration, devotion, calmness and peace


When throat chakra is balanced:

helps to be extrovert and tactful - you are loyal, calm and trustworthy - you have no problem expressing yourself - you know what you want out of life


Symptoms of imbalance:

being 'wishy-washy' - being unreliable - doubts - difficulty expressing oneself - won't allow others to talk back - poor learning ability - shyness - introversion


Organs/Glands governed by the throat chakra:

thyroid - vocal cord - oesophagus - mouth - teeth - shoulders - arms - parathyroid - endocrine gland


Possible physical symptoms if throat chakra is imbalanced:

arthritis in shoulders - ear aches - ear problems - eczema - jaw problems - neck problems - sore throat - tonsillitis - teeth problems - thrush - sinus infection - thyroid problems - sore shoulders and arms


Nutrition for the throat chakra:

apricots - apples - blueberries - high quality foods, such as soups or sauces - juices that lubricate the mouth and throat - pears - plums



the throat chakra vibrates with the note 'G' or chanting 'HAM'


Coupled Major Chakras:



Associated Meridians:

large intestine and lungs