Third Eye Chakra - Roll On - 15 ML

Decision Making and Self-Image

The third eye chakra represents our dreams, ideas, goals and self-image. It is by our thoughts to be able to express ourselves in the physical world, and it is from our thoughts that we are able to make our dreams a reality. It is also the keeper of our 'sixth sense' or intuition.


the third eye chakra is situated in the centre of the forehead, above the eyes



roll on 7 times clockwise onto third eye chakra - twice daily


Primary Function:

vision for the future - self-image - perception - connection between the outer and inner world - decision making


Colour: Indigo

indigo symbolises spiritual attainment, self-mastery and wisdom


When third eye chakra is balanced:

feeling in control of life - able to sense things beyond the physical world - open to higher knowledge - highly intuitive


Symptoms of imbalance:

being judgemental - confusion - indecisive - jumping to conclusions - inability to see the bigger picture - poor judgement - lack of concentration


Organs/Glands governed by the third eye chakra:

brain - neurological system - eyes - ears - pituitary gland - pineal gland


Possible physical symptoms if third eye chakra is imbalanced:

blindness - brain tumours - chronic or acute catarrh - deafness - dizziness - equilibrium dysfunction - headaches - hormonal imbalances - insomnia - migraines - nausea - nightmares - seizures - strokes


Nutrition for the third eye chakra:

dark chocolate - food which is high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and nuts - light meals - strawberries



the third eye chakra vibrates with the note 'A' or chanting 'EEM'


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