Crown Chakra - Roll On - 15 ML

Consciousness and Purpose

The crown chakra is our connection to the divine. It's often referred to as the 'mystical centre'. It is about spirituality, enlightenment and the way to your higher consciousness.


the crown chakra is situated at the crown of your head in the centre



roll on 7 times clockwise onto crown chakra - twice daily


Primary Function:

intuition - purpose - self-awareness - spirituality


Colour: violet (white)

violet symbolises transformation and spiritual mastery


When crown chakra is balanced:

you are aware of your spiritual self - you don't see other as separate from you


Symptoms of imbalance:

blame - hard to get new ideas - lack of purpose in life - lack of inspiration - lack of spiritual exploration - loss of faith in yourself and the universe - loss of identity - being sceptical - very materialistic


Organs/Glands governed by the crown chakra:

muscular system - nervous system - pineal gland - pituitary gland


Possible physical symptoms if crown chakra is imbalanced:

autism - chronic exhaustion - clumsiness - co-ordination difficulties - muscular disease - poor balance - sensitivity to light - sensitivity to certain sounds - vertigo - right sided migraines - high or low blood pressure - tinnitus


Nutrition for the crown chakra:

coconut - dried fruits such as dates - plenty of water - light meals



the crown chakra vibrates with the note 'B' or chanting 'OM'


Coupled Major Chakras:



Associated Meridians:

triple energiser