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Comfort - 20 ML

Essential Oil Blend with Essential Vibrations Remedies

This signature blend supports your understanding that help is always available to you and that we are never alone. It delivers comfort on all levels and awakens harmony. Indecisiveness and emotional conflict may be released and washed away. The Comfort blend is also very beautiful to use for meditation.


lavender oil - patchouli oil - rose geranium oil - roman chamomile oil - majoram oil - essential vibrations: moldavite - rose quartz - uvarovite



acceptance - appreciation - calming - clarity - contentment - grounding - intuition - inner attunement - inner peace - protection - purification



add 6 drops of this blend to an oilburner 



add 7 drops of this blend to your bath


Massage Oil:

add 10 drops of this blend to 50 ml vegetable oil