Orange Sweet - 20 ML

100% Pure Essential Oil with Clear Quartz - Herkimer Diamond - Rose Quartz

Citrus Sinensis


orange sweet essential oil - soe essential vibrations remedies: clear quartz - herkimer diamond - rose quartz


Physical Benefits Known:

decreases hypertension - digestion booster - helps chronic fatigue - helps with cold and flu - immune system enhancer - increases circulation -


Emotional Benefits Known:

eases anxiety - refreshes the mind - rejuvenates emotions - letting go of heavy thought forms - love - joy - happiness - vitality


Spiritual Benefits:

divination - regeneration of the spirit - conquers fears - creativity


Negative Aspects Active:

difficulty in digesting life - feeling stuck in patterns of fear and limitations - frustration - unhappiness



7 drops


Inhaling Methods:

  • 5 drops in a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel and lean your face over the steaming bowl, close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose for about one to two minutes
  • a few drops onto a pillow
  • directly from the bottle, inhale deeply through your nose


Additional Information: