Lavender - 20 ML

100% Pure Essential Oil with Amethyst Purple - Apophyllite - Ruby

Lavendula Angustifolia


lavender angustifolia essential oil - soe essential vibrations remedies: amethyst purple - apophyllite - ruby


Physical Benefits Known:

alleviates headaches - burns - improves sleep - wounds


Emotional Benefits Known:

calming - balances emotions - harmony - inner peace - nurturing - reduces anxiety


Spiritual Benefits:

meditation - protection against violence - centering - grounding - intuition - new beginnings - spiritual love


Negative Aspects Active:

conflicted - confused - restlessness - negative thoughts - over-active - stress



7 drops


Inhaling Methods:

  • 5 drops in a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel and lean your face over the steaming bowl, close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose for about one to two minutes
  • a few drops onto a pillow
  • directly from the bottle, inhale deeply through your nose


Additional Information:

inhaling is especially beneficial for

  • headaches

if you add lavender on a pillow for better sleep just use 2 drops, more drops can cause the opposite effect