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Heliotrope | 20 ML

'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Heliotrope' helps you to understand how to deal with obstacles. It will support you with courage and clarity so you are able to remove obstacles from your life's path.

Current Life Conditions |

  • Difficulty communicating with others
  • Difficulties in business or job
  • Disappointment
  • Disregarding dreams and desires
  • Lack of courage
  • Over-analytical
  • Over-critical
  • Self-loathing



  • Action and confidence to go after dreams
  • Courage
  • Dispels confusion
  • Enhances decision making
  • Mental balance
  • Restores vitality
  • Solution finding


Psychospiritual Benefits |

  • Raised consciousness


Corresponding Chakras|

  • Heart
  • Root


Additional benefits can be achieved by Spinal Application|

  • Apply 2 times daily 3 drops directly to L1 to L5 to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae


Bath Infusion |

  • Add 7 drops to the bathwater to balance the heart and root chakras