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Morganite | 20 ML

'Essential Vibrations' remedy Morganite' is the essence of 'birth'. It will bring forward new ideas, excitement and joy and engaging with life. Like a baby that has to learn to walk and talk, 'Morganite' promotes a step by step healthy growth of understanding. Everything will just develop naturally. It will eliminate negative thoughts and will deliver a feeling of innocence. It will encourage you to be open and learn without judgement. It will give you calm and tranquillity and will eliminate fear of new endeavours.


Current Life Conditions |

  • Bored
  • Cannot be bothered with life
  • Feeling blocked
  • Feeling unfulfilled
  • Lack of inspiration and ideas 
  • Over-analytical
  • Uninspired



  • Creates inspiration
  • Mental balance
  • Mental clarity
  • Opens up channels for new ideas
  • Patience
  • Rejuvenates emotions


Psychospiritual Benefits |

  • Assists in acting out of love
  • Helps to protect from dense energies
  • Spiritual courage


Corresponding Chakras|

  • Root


Additional benefits can be achieved by Spinal Application|

  • Apply 2 times daily 3 drops directly to L3 to L5  to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae


Bath Infusion |

  • Add 7 drops to the bathwater to balance the root chakra