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Jade White | 20 ML

'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'White Jade' is perfect to use in confused and irritated situations. It will bring a feeling of being refreshed, balanced and clear about how and where to go. It helps you to attract people with a 'helping hand'. This can happen through advice, emotional support or even physical support. It helps us to accept from others. It can create a feeling of being reborn and renewed.

Current Life Conditions |

  • Desire to inflict self-punishment
  • Difficulty forgiving and letting go
  • Family issues
  • Feeling insecure
  • Feeling unsupported
  • Feeling constantly being let down
  • Irrational frustration
  • Pushing instead of allowing
  • Uncertain how to proceed



  • Aids decision making
  • Balances personality
  • Calms the mind
  • Clears clutter and obstacles away
  • Draws supportive people and situations into life
  • Enthusiasm
  • Encourages new beginning
  • Mental clarity
  • Optimism


Psychospiritual Benefits |

  • Brings the vision of endurance
  • Creates mind/soul link
  • Purifies thoughts


Corresponding Chakras|

  • Solar Plexus


Additional benefits can be achieved by Spinal Application|

  • Apply 2 times daily 3 drops directly to T7 to L3  eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae


Bath Infusion |

  • Add 7 drops to the bathwater to balance the solar plexus chakra