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Combination Remedy | 20 ML

North Node Arians have great physical courage and daring. In past lives they mostly served others and in doing so gave up their own identity in the name of service. This created a depth of sensitivity and gentleness. In this lifetime one of North Node Aries' main goals is to find their own identity and to stop being afraid of how others might see them. They have to learn to listen to their inner voice and follow their own needs.

To Embrace |

  • Taking decisive action
  • Harmonious and rational partnerships
  • Socialising
  • Listening to feeling and intuition
  • Taking on leadership roles
  • Outdoor activities
  • Self-care
  • Embracing own desires
  • Independence


To Release|

  • Solitude
  • 'Me first' attitude
  • The fear of how others see you
  • Pretending to be someone you're not
  • Being influenced by others
  • Being afraid of disharmony caused by your decisions
  • Fear of conflict
  • Trying to be fair to 'everyone'