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Combination Remedy | 20 ML

North Node Cancerians provide good judgement and insight. They love to live in a structured environment and are used to suppressing their feelings, which often leads to anger and resentment. They have a strong sense of price and ambition. In this lifetime North Node Cancers' lesson is to 'ease up' on themselves and others to create healthy and balanced interactions with others.

To Embrace |

  • Accepting others as they are without judgement
  • Embracing and staying in your own emotional centre
  • Adjusting to social environment
  • Organising and leading with a caring attitude
  • Acknowledging that it's often best to just 'let it be'
  • Appreciating the natural cycle of life
  • Trusting your instincts


To Release|

  • Care-taking
  • The need to control everything and everyone
  • Letting go of mothering
  • Craving recognition
  • Taking without giving
  • Being responsible for everything
  • The fear of relationships
  • Being ashamed of showing your feelings
  • Judging people by materialistic items