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Combination Remedy | 20 ML

North Node Virgos are idealistic with a tendency to avoid dealing with the details of everyday life. In past lives they lived a highly evolved spiritual life and tried to escape the world by daydreaming or using drugs and alcohol. In this lifetime it is important for North Node Virgos to find their spiritual path without giving up and to resist attempts by others to manipulate their good nature. They have to set clear goals and establish limits for others and themselves.

To Embrace |

  • Imagination
  • Developing goals
  • Self-confidence
  • Learning how to say 'no'
  • Focusing on and living in the present moment
  • Paying attention to details
  • Acting on clear thinking
  • Serving yourself and others through active involvement


To Release|

  • Perfectionism
  • Being the helper
  • Over-sensitivity
  • Playing the victim
  • Lack of comittment
  • Constantly distracted by suffering of others