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Body Mist | 100 ML

Vegan Friendly

When we run on ‘negativity’ we can become more sensitive and attract more of it. The negative emotions and thoughts we have make it easier for more negative thoughts and emotions to enter our energetic field. The negative pattern we have running create ‘holes’ in our protective energy and auric field and other negative influences can enter easily. This will create bigger and bigger ‘holes’ and we find it difficult to move out of our emotional imbalance and negative thought pattern. SOE's Protection spray has been created to close these ‘holes’ and to protect you from outside negative influences which makes it easier for us to release our own negative pattern without getting ‘an extra load’ from other sources.


Key Ingredients |

  • Magnetised auqua
  • Enhanced with sound frequency 285
  • Salvia sclarea oil
  • Boswellia carteri oil
  • Lavendula angustifolia oil
  • Anthemis nobilis flower oil
  • Cananga odorata flower oil
  • Soe essential vibrations remedies |
  • Amethyst purple
  • Clear quartz
  • Jade white
  • Jet
  • Obsidian black
  • Tourmaline black