Travel Ease - Animals - 20 ML

Many companion animals suffer from motion sickness. It can be as obvious as vomiting or can be shown by the animals anxiety (drooling, panting, pacing, whining). This creates a very stressful situation for everyone involved. 'Travel Ease' remedy provides the stability, growth, strength, faith and self-confidence to help make travel easy and enjoyable.

Life Examples:

motion sickness - anxiety


Dosage: (7 drops - 20 minutes and 10 minutes before travel and during travel when needed)



For best results apply the drops directly into the animals' mouth for dispersal into the body via enzymes under the tongue. It is ideal to create a positive association with the Liquid Minerals before administering them. Show the bottle to your animal and be upbeat and positive so they become curious and interested. You can offer a treat or yummy food before giving the drops to create a positive association, and afterwards as a reward.


Spinal Application:

Apply directly to the spine to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae. Apply to the base of neck, middle of the spine and base of the tail.



When using Liquid Minerals for Animals it is important to have only positive intentions when administering them. Picture in your mind how you would 'like' your animal to feel and behave and be as positive as possible. Our thoughts are very powerful and being positive can make all the difference.


Training and behaviour

We highly recommend you use the Liquid Minerals in conjunction with behavioural training. SOE Bioremedies support ONLY FORCE FREE, reward-based training methods where the animal is set up to succeed and is rewarded for 'good' behaviour (positive reinforcement). The aim of force free training is to help create a positive relationship by providing a foundation built on trust, love and respect resulting in a closer human-animal bond.