Companion animals have become an integral part of our lives and are considered important members of our family. As a close bond develops with our animal friends they can take on similar emotional patterns to their humans which can manifest in behavioural and physical issues. Other influences include genetics, environment and experiences. Any kind of emotional or mental stress affects the physical body. SOE Bioremedies have developed a specific range of remedies for Animals to help with a variety of behavioural issues.







Trials and Feedback

We trialled the remedies for Animals with 'Holdfast Dog Centre' , 'Nutts About Mutts Dog Training'  and other dog trainers with fantastic results. The results speak for themselves! You can read a few case studies here on our Website and on our Facebook page.


Training and Behaviour

We highly recommend you use the remedies for Animals in conjunction with behavioural training. SOE Bioremedies support only FORCE FREE, reward-based training methods where the animal is set up to succeed and is rewarded for 'good' behaviour (positive reinforcement).

We believe aversion therapy, or verbal and physical punishment, should not be used at any time. Punishing or physically correcting an animal or 'unwanted' behaviour can make the problem much worse (this includes using a choke chain to walk a dog). Using force or intimidation is in direct conflict with the philosophy behind the remedies for Animals.

The aim of force free training is to help create a positive relationship by providing a foundation built on trust, love and respect resulting in a closer human-animal bond.